Friday, 18 September 2009

Mean Girls ...

Today Im Dazed & Confused ...

Last night was the 1971 Reiss / Dazed and Confused p a r t y in aid of kick starting London Fashion Week ...
We ate vegetarian hotdawgs and drank champagne followed by neverending vodka at the after party held at Soho's PUNK!

The venue was wall to wall fashion femmes and fag's ~ 1st highlight: A dumb girl bragging to her friends about suposedly dissing me???

2nd highlight: A see through skinny friend busting his non-existent booty to Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' so much gyrating his lemon slice jumped out of his drink ...

A double cheeseburger, large fries, 6 chicken nuggets and a can of coke just about saved the afternoon! GULP ...

Yay it's Friday ~ drinks after work??

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

'Wassup Rockers'

Here's something a little noisy for a quiet Wednesday evening ... 'Outcry Collective' are playing tonight at the London, Camden, Barfly ~ A four piece rock'n'roll band who seriously Bust Rock and Kick Roll ...

The band consists of four rocker boys (one of whom happens to be my brother) together they create an indestructible sound ~ Their show is guaranteed to make you blow ...

Outcry's debut album 'a r t i c l e s' is out now ~ So take a trip to your local HMV, purchase the record and reposition the remaining copies at the front of the store! ...

Go on, support the cause ... Get yo ass to Camden!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Space Cadet ...

Boots ~ San Fransisco Vintage Store
Scarf ~ Alexander McQueen
Silver Dress ~ TOPSHOP
Sequin Jacket ~ Reiss
Silver Top ~ Brick Lane Vintage Shop

I have absolutely no time what~so~ever to start tapping away on the laptop, but I just wanted to express my utter excitement for Bestival this weekend. Its 12.30am and I still have a shit load to organise tonight, I'm completely undecided on outfits and need to make a list of essentials i.e. cigarettes, alcohol, headache tablets and toilet paper ...

The dress up theme this year is SPACE which to start with I found tricky ~ Until I realised id most likely spend the weekend resembling an alien anyways! Space ain't superb for when it comes to looking foxy, but space is where my heads going to be for most of the weekend, so hey!

Break the bank and Abuse the booze ...

Vogue's Fashion Night out takes place tomorrow evening 09th September ~ The aim of the event is to promote retail, restore customer confidence and celebrate fashion! I say it's a bloody good excuse to take advantage of multiple discounts across a variety of your favorite stores and get wasted on free alcohol ... Go to Reiss Barrett street and perv over a hot friend of my boyfriends, he's spinning the wheels of steel!

Monday, 7 September 2009

Happy Birthday Baby~Gurrrrrl

Sophie's one of my nearest and dearest buddies, today's her birthday, she's 28!
I went to 'Godalming College for Spoilt Brats' with this girl, that's where we met ... We're chalk and cheese, but we get along just perfic!

Sophie likes Yoga - Victoria hates it, although never tried and tested
Sophie obsesses in Whole Foods - Victoria obsesses over Starbucks and junk
Sophie liaises in casual affairs with men - Victoria has a boyfriend
Sophie is allergic to cats - Victoria owns two!

Sophie drinks Vodka - Victoria, Gin
Sophie does circuit training - Victoria only does The Hills marathons
Sophie's a driven career kinda gurl - Victoria would rather work in a milkshake bar in Hollywood
Sophie's not in debt - Victoria errr is!
Sophie's straight up - Victoria's non confrontational
Sophie's a brunette with a bob cut and fringe - Victoria's blonde with long hair, zero bangs!
Sophie's confident - Victoria's shy
Sophie's always in heels - Victoria's lives in flats
Sophie cooks - Victoria cant cook, wont cook
Sophie parties East - Victoria hibernates West
Sophie's the last person standing - Victoria likes to think shes the first to bed
Sophie's got the big boobies - Victoria wasn't blessed
Sophie's real messy - Victoria's anal
Sophie wears dresses - Victoria does skinnies
Sophie drinks coconut milk - Victoria drinks coke
Sophie can drive in LA - Victoria CANT

Three cheers for Sophie ...

Oh come to think of it, we did both date gardeners! ...

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Shoes Blues

Flip flops ~ marc jacobs
Black Espadrilles ~ Jigsaw
Suede Peep Toes ~ Chloe
Burnt Orange Wedges ~ Reiss
Bronze Gladiators ~ Reiss

Snoooooooooooooooze winters coming and as much as I way prefer snugly attire to summer nakedness, I do hate to put my open toes away. Here's a small but perfectly formed group of shoes I've been tip tapping around in through the summer days and nights ... The espadrilles, ooh la~la oh so Alexa!

Tonight I'll dream about blowing my rent money in Barneys on the strappy numbers and kicking up sand on Venice Beach in the flip flops ~ Sigh! Summers almost over ... Grrr see y'all in 2010 ...

Here's to the start of my blog ~ Cheers ...

Ok, so I’m no Rumi Neely I’m not about to start receiving invites to the New York apartment of Erin Wasson or fronting campaigns for RVCA. I won’t be the next Gala Gonzalez; I don’t come with a body like a racehorse and tousled hair down to my Marni’s! I couldn't be further from Karley Sciortino I’m not nearly sluttish enough, I’ve never hung with Dominic Jones, lived in Squallyoaks or run a flower arranging course for paedophiles on the weekends! I’m pretty average(ish) and I simply feel like exploiting, photographing, telling, writing and sharing …