Wednesday, 28 October 2009

RIP Andrew!

Top ~ Luella
Cardigan ~ Stella McCartney
Bandage Skirt ~ Reiss
Boots ~ San Fransisco Vintage Store
Bag ~ Reiss

Was walking past Luella yesterday, the gruesome tombstone window display inspired me to wear black to work!
And since my one and only colleague hasn't spoken a word all week ~ I'm feeling rather like someone's died!!

CHRIST ~ Cheer up Andrew before I hang myself from the light fixture!

Monday, 26 October 2009

Not the most demure wedding guest!

Floor Length Dress ~ H&M
Silk Waistcoat ~ Emporio Armani

Dress ~ Reiss
Shoes ~ Reiss

Dress ~ twenty8twelve
Blazer ~ Paul & Joe
Bag ~ Reiss

This weekend was my final wedding of the year!

To all the Brides and Grooms, thank you for ...

(a) Inviting me to your smashing day
(b) Getting me blind drunk
(c) Enabling me to purchase the above outfits without feeling the slightest bit guilty! YAY love that!

Cheryl and Lee Sweetman (Im sorry for the goldfish scenario)
Olenka and Adam Lawrenson (Im sorry for sliding from the top to the bottom of your beautiful marquee and outstaying my welcome)
Helen and Lee Sadler (Im sorry I was at one point the only guest getting down on the dance floor with no shoes on)

Ooooh and thank you to my brothers 'make up artist' girlfriend Sarah for introducing me to my sisters old red lipstick ~ My new favourite thing!


Friday, 23 October 2009

"I blame Coco"


With ref to the previous post ~ Just want to make clear I am NOT a fan of Geldof me no likey!
However I have mega love for Sumner ~ Shes gnarly and gnarly's my favourite word!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Tshirt ~ BDG
Leggins ~ Sass & Bide black rats
Trainers ~ Converse

Just had a work meeting ~ I was one of two people in a room of seven that enjoys reading LOVE Magazine ... According to the other five it's a little too busting at the seams with talentless 'famous for nothing' sons and daughters of musicians and other artists alike ... Good job my colleagues didnt have had a copy in front of them, I swear they'd have ripped out the pages with their teeth and spat them in the direction of the shredder! Ouch!

However, I disagree with the head honchos ~ The 1st issue of LOVE was dedicated to 'Icons of our Generation' the pages were r
ammed full to the brim with inspiring, legondary, heroic, chance taking men and women who have shaped the way we dress, listen, learn, behave, design, pose, achieve, experience, affect, play, photograph, express, perform, influence and aspire (I'll stop there but I could go on an on)
In the second issue of LOVE 'yes' Pixie Geldof appears throughout the magazine more times than Wally in a Wheres Wally book and 'yes' Coco Sumner graces the front cover ...

But duh it is an issue dedicated to New Blood ~ The Young and The Wreckless!

It doesn't just feature IT kids.

Open your eyes ~ read ~ and you'll find mobo awarded musicians, baby bloggers, auditioning actors, major league models, exploring entrepreneurs, savvy students, picture perfect photographers, Hollywood high flyer's, teenage teachers, aspiring architects and working writers ~ None of whom are a day over the age of 22!
Oh and probably most important of all Alexander Wang ~ If you call him talentless you need to lay off the hallucinogens ...

Oops I just came across the Willis sisters and Hugh Hefner's sons ~Shoot me!

Note to Jay ...

Studded Boots ~ Zara

Jay Bird I did something real real bad
I broke my own rules
Last night I was shopping with my sister
I went into Zara on Oxford Street
There were one pair of boots left
You know the ones I mean
You were wearing them when I threw a 6 in the morning party at my apartment
I tried them on ~ They were my size
They fit like a glove
A steal at only £55-00
I took them to the till
Handed my card over
Walked out
Hid them from my boyfriend

Wearing them today
Will you forgive me?
I totally copied you ...


Theres a pink Elephant in the lounge!

Went shopping with my boyfriend on the weekend ~ Is it fair that he came home with Margiela and I came home with Mar-nadda?

I had my eye on a crazy expensive Acne coat but considering Ive been running low on wardrobe space for like ... well ... all my life ~ It wasn't a good Idea to borrow more money from the bank of boyfriend OR add another coat to my hat stand, which I recently noticed was buckling under weight!

So instead of a new coat he bought me another wardrobe and a chest of draws from The Old Cinema ~ Oooh followed by lunch at High Road House, Chiswick.

Note to self ~ Thinking I need to curb my clothes o b s s e s s i o n, running out of space for new furniture ~ Guess there's always the oven and kitchen cupboards, don't use those often hmmmm ...

Monday, 19 October 2009

Hubble Bubble

Stripe Gloves ~ marc jacobs
Black Coat ~ Reiss
Jeans ~ Current/Elliot
Trainers ~Converse

My father recently came back from a Holiday in New York City, to my absolute astonishment he bought me this pair of Halloween~esq gloves which I happen to be completely in lust with ~ Well done Graham.

The stripes take me back to my 'Worst Witch' days of running around the garden on a broom stick, kicking up leaves, attempting to stuff my cat in a brown leather satchel and answering only to the name of Ethel Hallow ~ My sisters way nicer than me of course she was Mildred!

Saturday, 17 October 2009

East end Dogs & West end Cats!

Lui the dog is from London Fields, Hackney! He's got mega fashion credentials and knows more people in the industry than people in the industry know ~ He lives with two uber successful designers and hangs out with others alike ~ The pooch knows a ting or two about being cool ... He's most likely to be be spotted trotting up and down Broadway Market or tied up outside Sefton, 271 Upper Street ... We LOVE you Lui ...

Pepe and Pearl hang Westside, they belong to me. Ok so their fashion roots don't read quite like Lui's but my two rats have taste ~ Pearl favours Stella, Pepe's an Opening Ceremony man! These monkeys are most likely to be seen sat on the corner of Abby Road in my clothes ... Grrrrrrrrrr ...

Friday, 16 October 2009

Sole-mates ...

I love my Emma Cooks in Winter ~ Thats it!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Went for breakfast with Crystal from Harper's this morning ~ We ate at The Wolseley, a timeless classic and one of my favourite hideouts in London. If you've never been you must go, I seri-arse-ly recommend the smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and toasted brioche with a pot of finest English breakfast tea, act quaint and watch the fashion pack/celebrity world go by!

Fashion pack??? Did I really just write that, eeooow gross!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

You took the words right out of my mouth ...

"When they're not busy doing their hair or
jerking-off to, phashion people spend their time doing mega important
stuff, like attending glitzy fashion parties and wearing weird shit on their
~Karley Sciortino~
My favourite quote ~ If you don't read her blog, do, shes way existential

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Lions & Tigers & Bears ~ Oh my!

I'm a girl partial to a hint of animal print ... I luuuurve it!

Note 'hint' ~ I stick firmly to the rules, a ballet pump here, silk scarf there ... (I'm aware that less is most definitely more when it comes to sporting the natural patterns of our furry friends)

Current top of my AW wish list is one of these 'HUGE' Chloe Sevigny For Opening Ceremony crew neck sweaters, they are t o t a l l y divine ~ I absolutely have to have one ... Even if it does break the hint rule.

Yeah the brown isn't to every one's taste and I already know that my sister will say I'm completely nuts for even considering parting with such a large amount of cash for something she will consider discusting and my boyfriend is guaranteed to resign it to the dressing up box along with all my other feline-esq clothing (He's still holding out for a wild animal themed Bestival) ... But this is simply not up for discussion, I'm having one.

Love animals ~ Check
Love Chloe Sevigny ~ Check
Love Opening Ceremony ~ Are you kidding me, it's my favourite store in LA, Check Check & Check

I think I just justified it ~ Add to Tote ~ Purchace

Sunday Style on a Tuesday!

Black Coat ~ Reiss
Check Shirt ~ 3.1 Phillip Lim
Lace Necktie ~ Vintage
Denim Shorts ~ Isabel Marant
Grey Tights ~ Pretty Polly
Shoes ~ EBay
Soft Leather Bag ~ Reiss

Flicking through Style a couple of weeks ago I came across the 'Natalie Hartley Wears' page ~ I've completely stolen the check shirt, black necktie look.

Feeling rather medieval wearing this today, cant decide if I like it or if I resemble one of the failing actors that stands outside Hamleys in dress up, heckling passers by!

"This is a tiny touch of madness and Phillip Lim darling, not historical retail theatre!"

Monday, 12 October 2009

He aint heavy ~ He's my brother

November Issue of Total Guitar ~ Outcry Collective
Interview ~ Christopher Phelps ~ Ooh Err

Queen Bees and Lady Bugs ...

Jacket ~ Barbour
Stripe Knit ~ Reiss
Gold Necklace ~ Fendi
Denim Shorts ~ Isabel Marant
Bag ~ Miu Miu
Shoes ~ EBay

This weekend was spent at my dads house in Surrey ~ He's going through a mid-life minimalist stage and requested our help to chuck out the chintz.

Two days, six helpers, one bonfire, one skip, pest control and numerous tea breaks later we accomplished it!

Best part of the weekend? Saving myself over two hundred pounds and retrieving my old riding Barbour ...

Friday, 9 October 2009

I've Lost Something ...

Wah ~ A week ago today our family cat Sammy was put to sleepy bye bye's ~ We'd had him 18 years...

I hope he's chilling on the big sofa in the sky with my mummy

One day I'll hear his purr in my ear and feel her touch on my skin

Until then I'll keep rolling with the punches

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Bring me back to URTH ...

I recently came home from a two week road trip! My baby guuuurl (aka Sophie 'biatch ass' Homes) and I drove from San Francisco to Los Angeles ~ Im already having 'I miss you' pangs ... I wanna swap life in London for life in LA. I figure I could slip off for a couple of years while nobody's looking!

Tonight I can mostly be found watching re-runs of The Hills whilst sat under a very bright lamp in my living room, wearing nothing but Ray Bands a WILDFOX t-shirt and bikini bottoms ...

Hmm I wonder where I can get boba tea in London!!

Tip: If your in LA ~ Go to the URTH cafe, Melrose
It's like totally a w e s o m e

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Lovely Root Structure

Hair trends! Ugh whatever! Ive not particularly been blessed with anything spectacular in the looks department but the one thing about my aesthetics thats always sucked is my h a i r! As a small child I resembled a blond M J, I had a full on Afro. As I ventured into my teens I could have entered a bichon frise competition and cleaned up, throughout my early twenties I befriended a hairdresser that looking back should have been reported to the hair association of shit hairdressing for using peroxide in a way that's surely illegal ~ Its only now, I think I'm finally ready to come to terms with the fact that I ain't no glossy celebrity ~ Yuk.

Im not particularly adventurous with my barnet but Ive tried a few trends. Last October Kate Moss emerged with a new do ~ She supposedly took the kitchen scissors and chopped the lot off herself!
(a) With James Brown on hand 24/7 I seriously fucking doubt it somehow
and (b) Duh like Kate Moss even owns kitchen scissors (unless she rediscovered a pair that Pete used to cut himself with!) Sorry, too much?

However, in true sheep style I followed Kate in her new bob and lopped my locks off - Only I'll admit, I booked an appointment at Daniel Hersheson. Come to think about it I trotted down to Conduit Street clutching a 'fresh off the news~stand' copy of Grazia as soon as her fringe made its debut ~ I need medical help!

So these days I'm over 2009 Kate ~ She sold her soul to Philip Green and swapped 'A' list for 'X' Factor ... I'm done!

This season I'm mostly lusting after Wasson waves and roots a spruce tree would envy!
Blond tips ~ Brown regrowth and not a hairdresser in sight.