Monday, 30 November 2009

Seagulls and Anchors ...

Cardigan ~ twenty8twelve
Scarf ~ Reiss
Jeans ~ Current/Elliot
Boots ~ San Fransisco Thrift Store

Saturday afternoon, I ended up going into Hampstead village ~ Good job I wore the biggest cardigan in the world to hide the fact that I scoffed a giant slice of carrot cake.

Note to Self: Diet starts today, must make room for Christmas!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Tick ...

Gaaaaa, saw Kate Moss shopping in Liberty this afternoon ~ Small part of life completed!

All I want for Christmas is ... A £790.00 Handbag

Agh I'm a nightmare. When I see something I want I don't stop bloody banging on about it until it's mine!
I have quite unrealistic expensive taste and its causing me all kinds of problems:

A) I'm skint
B) I sound brattish, ugly and materialistic
C) I was recently branded 'shallow' by a good friend, not sure he was joking either! Gulp ...
D) I get 100% consumed
F) I've been known to cry

I absolutely cant hack things being out of my reach! (or price limit)

My main nightmare obsession this season has been the 'Coco Studded Duffel Bag' by Alexander Wang ~ Yeah yeah its old news now ... Its pretty much SOLD OUT, everyone has one apart from me yadda yadda ... But I just cant get this out of my head, or onto my arm for that matter!

This bag has been pushing me in the direction of savage violence and breaking the law ~ Must be all those hard studs and strapping leather!

I've nearly mugged two women for their Alexander arm candy ~ Actually I'll re-phrase that, its crossed my mind!
Guy's I've been a little out of control ~ My apologies:

Note to boyfriend: Never again will I speak of the duffel, I'd rather hold your hand than your wallet
Note to family: Sorry I made you spend money and time calling the Grazia goody bag giveaway hotline, in hope of winning me one
Note to work experience girl: See above, only apologies for making you do that repeatedly throughout the day!
Note to Nicky: I'll bite my tongue when were watching The Hills ~ I wont ever say 'fucking Kristin Cavallaris got that bloody bag' ever again ...

Sunday, 22 November 2009

You and me in the photo~booth!

Yeah the photos have come out super ugly what with gross hair and zero makeup but its strangely a lot of fun fucking around with this photo~booth photo reel ... LOVE it ... Am listening to Tom Vek, this is a good Sunday sometimes doing nothing is the best ...

Friday, 20 November 2009

Dream of Californication ...

Totally hate being at work on misery rainy days, I'd much rather be under the duvet at home watching Clueless or something equally blonde ...
The only thing making me happy today is the fact that an invite to a friends wedding came through the post in the shape of a Las Vegas postcard!
Yep next September I'm going back to California baby ... I'm already ready and waiting to go ~ Hence the shades!!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Email Inspiration!

Scarf ~ Yves Saint Laurent
Cape ~ Malene Birger
Denim Mini ~ 1971 Reiss
Bag ~ Urban Outfitters
Boots ~ San Fransisco Thrift Store

Met my friend Emma for lunch today

She sent me this message last night
"It's a date, need to show you how thin I've got pronto before I get fat again ~ All down to stress and not eating"
Emma's feeling like a supermodel
I'm feeling like an egg on legs
Cue trusty cape to cover my sins ~ Or some of!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Oh to be bee!

Today I had my photograph taken for Company magazine, I sucked and my jeans went kind of saggy at the knees from sitting on the bus! I didn't really like the pose I was asked to do and the picture most likely wont make it to print due to bad posture, an ugly sagging outfit and a super bad hair day!! Ugh ...

Walking back to the office I mostly wished I was Bee Shaffer daughter off Anna Wintour (Editor of American Vogue) ... I don't often wish to be a good wholesome girl like Bee but after the weekend I just had I really really do ... Oh to be prim yet have a LiLo glint in the eye, be crazy photogenic and hold the key to eternal style and anything you want ~ Double Sigh ...

Friday, 13 November 2009

Friday the 13th

Been tottering around on heels since Monday working our Spring Summer Press Open Day thingy and am now in need of a foot specialist, oh the pain the pain ...
This morning I opened my wardrobe and flung about 50 pairs of heels over my shoulders in search of my beloved Converse.
Eventually found them looking more knackered than I do!
Was going to give them the Friday the 13th treatment and chuck them in the bin, until I realised how much we've been through!

These shoes have pounded the streets of New York, Vegas, San Francisco and LA ~ They've stomped to work, wobbled through raves, quaked on planes, propped up in pubs, slept in beds, been broke in Barneys, hiked in Wales, got drunk in Barcelona, been pissed in Paris, embarrassed in meetings, ran from restaurants, been wrecked in warehouses, dressed up outfits, dressed down outfits, been to weddings, skipped to Selfridges, rescued rats and blushed on beaches ...!

I love you canvas shoes!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Fingers Gold

Ring ~ Dominic Jones at Browns Focus

Christ, I thought typing was fun when I wore fancy nail polish ~ Typing's just been made off the hook fun thanks to Dominic Jones!
If you've not heard of Dominic, you've been snoozing ~ He's designed a fucking kick ass jewellery collection made possible with a little financial help from best friend (or one of) Alice Dellal.

I love my new gold ring so much it was well worth stalking Browns day in day out for ...

For the 1st time in my life I think I beat everyone else to it before 'sell out' ... Waiting lists rule!

Thanks Dom Jones for injecting motivation into my fingers ...

Monday, 2 November 2009

American Woman

Hmmm ~ Had a change of heart!

I know a few days ago I was sporting major roots and quite happy but I think that the dirty blond/brown hair love affairs over already ...

I'm way wanting red(ish) locks like some of my favourite Hollywood Hell~Raisers!
Should I ~ Shouldn't I??

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Team Wood Pigeon

Went to the Warehouse Project in Manchester the Friday just gone, always good to get together with friends and start drinking from 12 in the afternoon until 8 in the morning! Not always good to nearly smoke yourself to death or raid the hotel minibar!

I think I'm the only person that stayed in on Halloween ~ Opted for looking like a ghost in the comfort of my own home ~ Had trick~or~treaters, I hid behind the sofa ...
Hello, my names Victoria and I need to pull myself together!