Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Johnnys Bird

At last ...
Ive been absolutely glued to this site for the past few days, so so good!
This is f r e s h
I'm major sick of all these airy ~ fairy ~ floaty ~ cutsie ~ look at us aren't we so pretty ~ boring girls
Bleugh ...

I'm immediately transported back to my youth when I scroll though the albums on Johnnys bird.
I was a diabolical teenager ~ And did things I wouldn't dream of doing today!
(actually that's a bit of a lie)...

Lets just say I frequented Police Stations and experimented A LOT! Ooops ...
Convent girl gone bad!

I love these chicks, so totally tough, look as though they'd steal your boyfriend among other things.

Out with the good ~ Blah
In with the bad ~ Yagh
Love It

Monday, 28 December 2009


So I'm flipping through photos on icanteachyouhowtodoit thinking FUCK a lot of these people are irritating!

I get to LFW - Luella Party and see an ex-colleague of mine Dom flaunting his stuff non stop, gotta say he looks HAUTE HAUTE HAUTE!

Done with the Luella party, I move onto LFW - Another Magazine Party and see the one and only Sophie Homes (ma besty friend)
Gotta say she looks HAUTE HAUTE HAUTER
Biatch have you swapped me for La Moss and Daphne Guinness?

OK so everyones a bit of **** on that site apart from ma friends ...
Blah Blah Blah Sweeping Statement

Sunday, 27 December 2009

The Sergio Possy

Boots ~ Sergio Rossi

Sigh, I thought I owned the cutest pair of black suede Sergio Rossi boots!
Na~huh I think my brothers girlfriend Sarah does

Black & Gold
h e a v e n

Oh Mickey Your So Fine ~ Your So Fine You Blow My Mind ~ Hey Mickey

Mickey Mouse T ~ (So ancient I dont know)
Thermals ~ American Apparel
Ballet Shoes ~ Austique Boutique

Christmas is the shiz ~ This is what I've looked like since Thursday!
Although you would never know judging by my facial expression ~ Ive thoroughly enjoyed it!


Monday, 21 December 2009


I'm mourning the loss of Sophie Homes's YSL handbag ...
Yeah the one we bought on Rodeo Drive together
Yeah the one she dropped a hella lotta cash for
Yeah the one that loves every outfit!
Yeah the one some SKANK pinched from a private wedding on the weekend!

Whats up with that?!
Maaaaaan why You Steal Laurent

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Help Me ...

New Obsession / Substitute for Cigarettes
Mikado chocolate stick thingys are the shit ...

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

You've Got a Nerve To Be Asking A Favour ~ You've Got A Nerve To Be Calling My Number!

Listening to 'The Rat' by The Walkmen ~ This song still sends shivers down my spine like it always used to!

Me~Nicky~Ruth~A few others~Nottingham
This track~Everything it means~That time~That year
'The Social'

"When I used to go out I would know everyone that I saw
Now I go out alone if I go out at all"
Nicky, we've not walked round the streets barefoot in a while ~ We really should take that up again!

Money's Too Tight To Mention!

Coat ~ Reiss
Denim Shirt ~ Current/Elliot
Trousers ~ Joseph

Been quiet on the blogging thang this week, I've been rushing around like a mentalist!
Here's what Ive been up to ...

Friday ~ Spending my money on Champagne cocktails ~ because when I'm drunk I think I'm a millionaire

Saturday ~ Spending my money on Jager Bombs ~ because when Im drunk I think Im a millionaire

Sunday ~ Spending my money on coke (the diet sort) ~ because when Im sober I realise Im not a millionaire

Monday ~ Realising I aint the only one thats been spending ma money! Gaaaa ...

The expression on my face in the 2nd photograph reads how I'm feeling right now, pretty confused and pretty ugly!
P.S I dont change my shoes often ... In case you hadnt noticed!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

House of Hangover

So Henry Holland's quiet on the Tweet today ~ Maybe because he was partying until 6am with friends and my colleague!

Last night we went for a few impromptu 'Brand Night Out' drinks, come 11ish sozzled we called it a night.
Except the two Andrews that is! Andy 'Brand Director' and Andrew 'Press Assistant' jumped in a cab and swung by Pizza East to some kind of after party thingy for The British Fashion Awards! Andrew 'Press Assistant' got talking to Holland and ended up partying back at his studio! First thing I asked this morning ...

'Did you nick me some more Alphabets?'

I've documented some of Andrews movements today ... Partying with Holland obviously ruins your health but not your wealth!

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

This is my kinda 'New Moon'

White T ~ Acne
Grey T ~ Alexander Wang
Blazer ~ Reiss
Velvet Leggings ~ COS

I'm feeling left out, everyone's been getting all crazy overexcited for the second instalment of Stephanie Meyer's phenomenally successful Twilight series 'New Moon' and I'm simply not ... Guys I just ain't getting it!

OK so I admit I do own a copy of 'Twilight' on DVD however its through no fault of my own!

On one of the rare occasions that I stayed in on a Friday night, I purchased it on my way home on recommendation from the intern (bad move). Previous to me making this fatal mistake we were discussing what sort of movies I'm into ~ I'm pretty passionate in my choice of film and listed off my all time favourites, bearing in mind my hero director is Larry Clark:

Party Monster
Buffalo 66
Virgin Suicides
Wassup Rockers
and The Basket Ball Diary's

I explained that I enjoy dark fucked movies ~ Like really fucked movies where everyone's jacked up on crack and stuff but I don't think she quite understood where I was coming from!

Robert Pattinson in a little ghostly makeup, is not on the same level as Macaulay Culkin playing Michael Alig in THE most outrageous costumes EVER living a life that's so out of balance its hard to describe (FYI Party Monster) ...

So anyhow ~ I was thinking that Id try pay homage to this ridiculous craze that's taking over the world, but in my own way ~ So here it is ~ My tribute to 'Twilight' and 'New Moon' in the form of Acne!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

May 1980 ~ May 2004

January Vogue arrived this morning, at first glance it looks as drab as I feel today ~ Rachel Weisz on the cover is as uninspiring as the month of January, not impressed ...

Flicking through the pages I came across the article 'Head for the Hills' ... A feature on Liberty Ross, her family and home ...

I forgot how much I used to Love Ross back in her modelling hey day ~ It was possibly THE FACE February Issue 2002 that turned me on to her!

The cover of that issue with Liberty and Moss dressed in denim, wearing barely there make up, greased back hair and oil stained skin, posing like masculine mechanics with their boyish good looks ~ Is one of my favourite magazine covers of all time ~ In fact The Face was and still is my ultimate publication.

I have 100's of back issues at my dads house from when I used to collect them ~ Every time I go home I ask of their whereabouts, if they have been used as bonfire material I'm going to blow MY FACE off!

Guy's I'm still holding out for a Christmas No1

My dad emailed me this photograph yesterday ~ I've looked at it about 5 times already!

I'm insane proud that my brother and his band are sitting behind Ozzy with My Chemical Romance on their right and Rage Against the Machine on their left!

Hmmm I'm sitting opposite Andrew with nobody on my right and nobody on my left ... Snore
Today I'm mostly wishing I was in a band!

Monday, 7 December 2009


When I look at these Polaroids taken by Amanda De Cadenet I feel both happy and sad ...
Happy because they are so fucking beautiful in such a simple form and Sad because the Polaroid is
d e a d d e a d d e a d ~ My drunken friends and I 100% ruined my last ever Polaroid picture, what was supposed to be a momentous moment shared between friends resulted in a disastrous moment with none of us ending up in the frame!

These three images have inspired me to have a rummage through my hundreds of pics and post my all time faves!
RIP best way to take a photograph ever ...
Boo & Hiss

A pig is for life Victoria, not just for Christmas ...

Went for lunch at Frankie's Knightsbridge with my dad and his girlfriend last week, all the talk of Christmas has got got me feeling super e x c i t e d ... I'm secretly hoping for a micro~pig in my stocking this year... At £90~00 cheaper than a Wang bag, I don't see why not!

Friday, 4 December 2009

The XX

Been listening to The XX a tonne recently ~ A bunch of South West Londoners who formed a band by a combination of late nights, Pepsi and summer boredom ~ Cool!

I'm obsessed with the track 'Island', I think all 186,653 views on YouTube are totally mine ... 'Crystalised' comes close 2nd ...
Looking forward to hearing more from these guy's, no offence to my boyfriend but Oliver Sim's voice is way drrrreeeeaaaammmmy ~ Woah did I just type that? ~ It''s weird for me to say that about a 20 year old right?
Yeah, thought so!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Monkey Madness ...

OK so today was interesting; I've been running around town doing fashion things eeeooowww how hideous of me.

1st stop Liberty to try on all the gorgelina clothes my cash card can’t handle ~ It’s flexed a lot recently, needs a week in rehab, poor things suffering from severe exhaustion.

2nd stop VOGUE HOUSE for Emily Zak's SS10 report (Emily’s the Executive Retail Editor of UK Vogue).
To cut a 'trend' story short here's a brief overview of what we're supposedly going to be wearing come summer

Crisp freshly laundered white on white
Film noir metallics, in greens and liquid silvers
Seductive pin up underwear worn as outerwear
Utility clothing with elements of military
Tribal pieces in the form of camel suede and fringing
Pixalated computer graphic prints
Heavy linen's and evening shorts
Surf inspired body con dresses
Sugar sweet melon, mint greens, and peaches
Perspex headbands and belts to reshape proportions
Coloured eye shadow on lashes as opposed to mascara
Damp plaits and beach hair
Bleached eyebrows
And last but not least 14 layers of lipstick, yes 14 ~ To obtain the perfect shade and texture apparently
WOW citing!

3rd stop Christopher Kane sample sale, so the queue was the most interesting part of the evening what with Daisy Lowe, Pelayo (k a t e l o v e s m e) and Margot Bowman skulking around before jumping into a Merc together. Daisy was looking haute haute haute in polka dot shorts, Pelayo was sporting a Comme Des Garcon kilt ~ Yeah in this weather ~ I think he's stalking me, 2nd time I've seen him this week!

Had a good chat with my sister after about an hour of waiting in line, one in one out stylee ~ This is how the conversation started

Georgina ~ Hey where are you? Still at work?

Victoria ~ Nah in a dumb line waiting to get into the Christopher Kane sample sale.

Georgina ~ Who?


Georgina ~ Who? Say that again …

Victoria ~ Christopher Kane

Georgina ~ Chicane who? Never heard of him!

Victoria ~ George seriously, don’t worry about it ~ I’m surrounded by a bunch of fashion heads and your making it look like im talking to my one million year old deaf grandmother! Lets move on from this ...

George has been severely snoozing to have missed the Kane phenomenon, I’ll let her off though she works for McLaren … No wonder she’s thinking chicane!

So anyway come 7.30pm (yeah two hours of waiting) I made it into the warm to discover that dresses were still at £500~00, knits £300~00 and gorilla T’s £60~00 which sucks! Very nearly bought a gorilla to make the queue worth while but thought better of it when I cast my mind back a few weeks to remember a friend/inside Kane source telling me they cost £12~00 each to produce!

God Exhausting … If I wanted a large gorilla on my torso, I could have done the super sell out Topshop thing ... Ive been there once before with the Emma Cooks, its and ugly place Im never going back!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Atlanta Noo De Cadenet Taylor

Love Atlanta ~ Don't think she could be any more s u p e r h o t n e s s if she tried
Daughter of Amanda De Cadenet the original super groupie & John Taylor bassist in Duran Duran
Step Daughter of Nick Valensi from The Strokes and Gela Nash Co-Founder of Juicy Couture
Best friend to Mark Hunter The Cobrasnake
And here's the even more depressing part ~ She's only 17!
Damn she got it going onnnn ... Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous

Atlanta Tweet ~ "Sometimes I feel creepy that The Strokes are one of my favorite bands!"
Ugh you so cool!

Listening to The Strokes on Spotify, reminds me of Christmas 2001 ~ Fuck me that was 8 years ago I was 20!